Abstraction into emptiness and essence of life

• Isabel Miramontes was born in 1962 in Santiago de Compostella in Spain. This eminent place of pilgrimage, which is of Celtic origin, the warm wind and sea, always fascinates her and remains for her a magical area.
• The body, posture, movement and essence of human life are at the heart of Isabel Miramontes’ work. Her works show fascinating and contemplative figure, abstract bodies cut into strips, sketched human bodies, associated with shapes or objects and others, more realistic. At the height of the usual sculpture, Isabel Miramontes opposes an apparent emptiness. For the artist, sculpture is not a block of material to which a shape is given, sculpture is a void to which the artist gives a surface. The human existence, at once concrete and impalpable, is made of flesh and bones and that part of essential emptiness which our emotions constitute. The cuts of these characters give the image of a body reduced to its footprint.  The tender form of the body of her figurines who seems ready to faint. Matter resduced to the essential that gently transforms itself into emotions and forgotten sensations, the only one memory left of the the body, the supreme value of its destiny.  
• The visual language of Isable Miramontes steadfastly represents the human being in all the ambiguity of its power and frailty, its confinement and yearning for liberty, its dreams and triumphs. The sculptor admirably captures the gesture and posture of this experience of the face and body transcended by spirit. The singular and unique figure, the synthesis of forms and thoughts, expresses the reality of life with its moments of joy, but also drama, abandon and tension. The profond sensations and complex emotions of human being aspire to freedom and imprints itself for ever on our mindsThe scope of Isabel Miramontes' characters, with their faces mere abstract representations, is both metaphorical and metaphysicalIndeed a figure who most assuredly speaks to everyone at the very depth of their being...
Installation shots
From Brussels to Global Recognization

• Isabel Miramontes was born in 1962 in Santiago de Compostella in Spain.


• But it was in Belgium, in Brussels, that the artist grew up and did her studies, obtaining a teaching diploma in Fine Arts at the Institut Sainte Marie. She continued her training from 1988 at the Fine Arts Academy of Saint-Gilles, in Patrick Pouillart’s studio, where she acquired a solid experience of drawing and sketching from live models. Isabel Miramontes also followed the courses of the art historian Gastón Fernandez, who marked her artistic, rigorous yet generous reflection, always enlivened by an expansive open-mindedness.
• It was in 1994, in a sculptor friend’s studio, that Isabel Miramontes made her passionate discovery of sculpture. This because her preferred mode of expression, to which she has devoted herself ever since. Her works became imemdiately very popular and widely collecting and exhibiting around Europe, in the USA and Asia.


• Notable Acquisitions:

"Waiting for" in the Ritz-Carlton -  Dubaï
"Origin" in the Four Seasons -  Mauritus
"Intimidad" in the Murray - Hong Kong
Some master pieces have been acquired by well-known private collectors
such as : Amin Maalouf, Didier Reynders, Chung Povich,…


• Exhibitions:

As the artist living in Brussels, Art Yī is the exclusive gallery of Isabel Miramontes in Brussels, Belgium.


Our latest exhibitions :

2022: "Daydream", group exhibition, Brussels, Belgium

2022: London Art Fair, London, England

2022: Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium

2022: "Horizon", group exhibition, Brussels, Belgium

2021: Namur Antica, Namur, Belgium

2021: "Timeless", group exhibition, Brussels, Belgium

2021: "Blooming", group exhibition, Brussels, Belgium

2021: "Together", group exhibition, Brussels, Belgium