Free and Contemporary Women
• “Woman is my favorite subject. A free and multiple woman: active, seductive, graceful, connected. Contemporary."
• Hedwige looks at the world around her and reveals our habits and attitudes in her sculpture. Hedwige's work is remarkable, singular and highly contemplative ... On the one hand there is the feminine and sensual part (the woman), on the other hand the urban and modern sphere (e.g. the smartphone).  The phone make us imagine new scenarios, in a story to be discovered. Communication takes place primarily through emotions and moods rather than being didactic and rational.
"With one eye, observe the outside world, with the other look deep inside yourself."
• The women of Hedwige Leroux immediately catch the eye with their elegance. Long, thin, and slender, they strike a pose, sure of their charm and seduction. Serene, they seem detached from the instabilities of the world and its illegible revolutions. The eternal woman, emerging from a dreamlike world and imposing her delicate presence; all of Hedwige's sensitivity is revealed in these seemingly fragile models.
• But Hedwige's women are also contemporary, rooted in today's world and appropriating its codes and customs. The mobile phone, for example, an essential instrument for professional life, romantic exchanges, and self-celebration, is a nod to this consented addiction, a mirror of today.
• Hedwige's work also comes in busts with patiently elaborated hair that is suddenly blown away by a gust of wind. In the secrecy of her workshop, she never ceases to shape the material, the earth, to recreate what her gaze has perceived, what her mind has conceived, and that her fingers will achieve in her recognizable style, the mark of a true artist. A clean and personal style that highlights the beauty and personality of women in today's world.
 In all of Hedwige's works the question arises whether the poetic image of the aspects and phases of the lives of women, you or us, in this world today... It is our inner treasure and the artist represents it with great grace and poetry. As for the trees, whose inner concentric circles testify to their time spent on this planet, each person carries layers of emotions, experiences, the smartphone we use every day, all of which become a part of us, building whom we are now in the real and the digital worlds, along the constant and unceasing flow of life. The smartphone thus represents a kind of emotional baggage, which is enriched every day with thoughts, feelings and actions.
• Hedwige Leroux refined and personal style wants to highlight the beauty and personality of women in today's world. The artist looks at the world around her and reveals our habits and attitudes in her sculpture. 
Installation shots
An Talented Artist from Brussels

• Hedwige Leroux was born in Belgium in 1961. 


• Always attracted by art, Hedwige Leroux has taken several painting and drawing classes at the Art Academy of Uccle, in Brussels.


• In 2008, she met the sculptor Luo Li Rong and enrolled in her studio. There, she learnt the art of clay modelling and exercised her eye and technique to understand her subject. Hedwige discovers the pleasure of working terracotta.


• As her technique improves, the art of Hedwige Leroux evolves towards more personal works. Her sculptures are the result of patient work with the clay first, which she models with finesse. She plays on textures and leaves her mark in the clay, giving life to fine and harmonious silhouettes, with an assertive presence. Her bronze sculptures are surprising for their fragility and elegance. Resolutely contemporary, they seduce with their creativity and fantasy. A very personal style that highlights the beauty and personality of women in today's world.


• Exhibitions : 

Art Yī Gallery is the exclusive gallery of Hedwige Leroux in Brussels, Belgium.


Our latest exhibitions :

2023: Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium

2022: "Urban Freedom !", group exhibitions, Brussels, Belgium

2022: "A Moment of Life", group exhibitions, Brussels, Belgium

2021: "Timeless", group exhibition, Brussels, Belgium

2021: "Blooming", group exhibition, Brussels, Belgium