Frédéric Halbreich : New Artist Vernissage & Exhibition

26 NOV 2022 | BRUSSELS
• "Aluminoïde" Exhibition
New lacquer paintings collections of the famous French-Belgian artist Frédéric Halbreich including new creations of 2022! 
 • WHEN: 11/11 > 31/12/2022
• VERNISSAGE (ARTIST'S PRESENCE): SAT 24/11, 18:00 - 21:00
• WHERE: Art Yī, 59 Rue de la Madeleine, 1000, Brussels

Frédéric Halbreich tells us about the Great Mystery of nature with power and elegance. From the dialogue with the stars emerges an infinite and mystical intimacy.
Frédéric Halbreich keeps working on mixed-media and exploring the limit of material, using lacquer, aluminium, acrylic, oil. To the artist, the painting is not only on a simple surface, it is an object that artist creates with complex texture and form.
As with that of its Caravaggesque predecessor, the art of chiaroscuro reigns supreme here. From under the black glazes, infinitely deep, spring rays and nuclei of light, violating the heart, irradiating the space to tenderly collide with their complementary-opposite which is the plenitude of black.
November 10, 2022