Two New Public Acquisitions in Shanghai for Sophie Verger

Honored Collection
It is a very old story, perhaps a myth, perhaps not, when the earth was a garden where they lived in peace, an era of harmony and of games: the childhood of the world.
"The Sacred Boat", a bronze sculpture telling a joyful story of an elephant familly across the river on a crocodile taxi. Sophie Verger sculpts poems, whole tales in one piece... All these stories that make us grow, this need to constantly rediscover the time when naivety was protecting us and instinct was our guide, but also all this spontaneous joy, this humor and this tenderness which she sculpts in the details of the gesture.
This sculpture is initally created by Sophie Verger for:
2019: "Bêtes à Muséé" exhibition, France
2021: New Acquisition by the Powerlong Art Museum Shangai, China
2022: New Acquisition by H.N.LIN Design Center, Shanghai, China
November 8, 2022