Innocence of Childhood
"Sculpting allows me to feel closer to the world around me; it is an ode to life; the earth that I sculpt, the animals I integrate into my work, and the innocence of childhood, all encourage gentleness and poetry..."
• Sylvie Gaudissart has a talent that is both very cheerful and very original. Her magnificent sculptures are very singular, truly special and bear a recognizable personality, an already recognized style. Creating and enjoying life... translates into amusing, non-frozen scenes of everyday life that seem to move.
• Having grown up on the edge of the forest, Sylvie Gaudissart began by making squirrels and rabbits, and now she is making wild animals like hippopotamuses that seem to swim in front of us with, sometimes, a bird perched on their back. There is movement and life in her works that directly touches our inner child.
 • Now the artist is also trying to enlarge the scope and the size of her sculptures and include lovely children who play and grow up together with the baby animals; a little boy with a little puppy or a little girl with five 80-centimeter ducklings will do wonders in a garden.
Installation shots
A Belgian artist celebrating the joy of life

• In 2010, after the birth of her five children, Sylvie Gaudissart discovered sculpture. From a simple pastime, this art gradually took up more and more of her life and became a real passion. She perfected her skills at the sculpture school of Luo Li Rong (Brussels-Uccle), where she studied modeling from a live model, working on volumes, proportions, and movements, currently under the benevolent eye of Lei Lin. The workshop was also a place of exchange, meeting, and sharing for her.

• For Sylvie, sculpting clay meant working with living matter. It was a way to draw energy and strength from it to shape life, create and capture moments of everyday life, and tell a story.

• Along with her attraction to the figurative, her interest in animal sculpture developed by linking it to nature and the fascinating world around her. Through her animal works, Sylvie awakens in us the purity, spontaneity, power, strength, and beauty of the animal kingdom.

Thanks to sculpture, Sylvie Gaudissart reveals her sensitivity, her sweetness, and her wonder at the little moments of daily happiness, thus celebrating her joy of living.

Art Yī is the artist's exclusive art gallery in Brussels, Belgium

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