Live Like A Child

"The more creative, the simpler will be"

• Han Feng, one of the most important and internationally recognized symbolism Chinese painters in oil painting, silkscreen print and installation art. He is a gifted artist, and also one of the pioneer artists of the Art Nouveau Chinois, whose art is very popular and constantly exhibting and collecting in Europe, Ameria and Asia.

• For more than a decade, children have been the main subject of Han Feng’s artistic creations. The world of children under the brush of Han Feng is so pure and lively, and more importantly, they are full of love for life and yearning for the future. These seemingly simple schemes also carry the artist’s infinite sentiments and ideals:  to counter against the grown-up world and the complex thoughts of adults.


• “Expressing the most complex content in the simplest form is the creative principle that HAN Feng has always adhered to. Therefore, the simplicity and purity of his paintings are just like the mind and heart of a child. He rarely names his work and replaces it with numbers. In this regard, Han Feng hopes that everything in this world is simplified as to the eyes of children. Another important reason is that in his view, all children are angels, they symbolize love, harmony and conveys God’s blessing to mankind. Han Feng always uses simple but symbolic objects and forms to represent the thoughts and emotions of children. He took one or two children as the prototype and use different pictures to express the children’s movements, language and pround expressions. In these simple and changeable paintings, almost all the characteristics of children can be exhausted.
The famous oil painting series of "Chinese Girls", "Girls" and "Joyous Childhood" show adorable Chinese girls and boys in well-behaved but also synchronous attitude. These early masterpieces formed the style of Han Feng, and made him famous internationally. These series always consist of paper cranes and his artist friends' daughters. Han Feng expresses a unique, simple, pure and profound thought through highly generalization and symbolization. Nowadays, he is less and less creating mature works of this kind, and instead experimenting in new areas of installation art and extra large minimalism abstract painting.

The limited silkscreen series of "Naughty" and "Girl" can either exist independently, or be the continuation of the oil painting ones. Han Feng spent 2 years to independently create, design different layers and manually complete the whole silkscreen print production of the entire series. These are the only series that Han Feng chose particularly the silkscreen print as creative vehicle for its flat and meticulous drawing marks, concise and precise layered beauty, and unique expression language like real photos. That's the reason why they become today the last remaining pieces on the market.
Installation shots
"Art Nouveau Chinois" for Global Museum Collections and Exhibitions
Born in 1972 in Harbin, China.
Graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 1995
Graduated at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1997
Lived in Germany and currently in Beijing, China
• Awards & Prizes:
2010: First Prize of John Moore Painting Competition , China
2008: M50 Creative Awards Jury Award, Shanghai, China
2000: Silver Prize of China National Fine Arts Exhibition, China National Art Museum, Beijing, China
• Public Collections:
Norton Foundation (USA)
Artes des internationale Kunsthaus Gallery (Germany)
Saatchi Gallery (UK)
Copelouzos Family Art Museum (Greece)
Shanghai City Art Museum (China)
Tianjin Provincial Art Museum (China)
Guangzhou Provincial Art Museum (China)
Sichuan Provincial Art Museum (China)
• Exhibitions:
Art Yī is the exclusive gallery of Han Feng in Belgium.
Our latest exhibitions: 
2022: "Day Dream", group exhibition, Brussles, Belgium
2022: Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
2022: "An Old Childhood Dream", group exhibition,Brussels, Belgium
2021: "Face & Paper", group exhibition,  Brussels, Belgium
2021: "Timeless", group exhibition, Brussels, Belgium
2021: "Art Exhibition for the Hommage of René Julien", Ramatuelle, France
2021: "Blooming", group exhibition, Brussels, Belgium
2021: "Together", group exhibition, Brussels, Belgium
2020: "Everything Is New", Baiziting Art Centre, Nanjing, China
2020: "Twisting Time", Beijing, China
2019: "Simple to a Poetic Rise", Wuxi Provincial Art Museum, Wuxi, China
2018: "Paper texture·Melting point", Shanghai, China
2017: "At This Moment", Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2017: "Han Feng - Somewhere", Beijing, China
2013: "Floating City", London, UK
2013: "From the East", Germany
2013: Aichi Triennale,  Aichi, Japan
2012: Han Feng, Solo exhibition, Chinese Art Centre, Manchester, UK
2012: Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá-Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia
2012:  Havana Biennial, Centro de Arte Contemporaneo Wilfredo Lam, La Habana Vieja, Cuba
2011: Ushuaia Biennale, Ushuaia, Argentina
2011: Han Feng, Solo exhibition, Shanghai, China
2010: Kawayama Personal Art Collection Exhibition, Heyi International Art Museum, Singapore
2010: Winter 2010 Exhibition, Langham International Airport, Beijing, China
2010: “More Mistakes, More Beautiful”, Shanghai, China
2010: "Flying Circle", Shanghai, China
2009: Round Scheme Invitation Exhibition, Heyi International Art Museum, Singapore
2008: Chinese Painting Exhibition, Museo Della Permanente, Milan, Italy
2008: China-Korea Art Exchange Exhibition, Shangshang International Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2008: “Survival Scene”, Shanghai International Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2007: Han Feng, Germany
2005: “We Are So Close” Sino-American Art Exchange Exhibition, Andres International Art Center Shanghai, Shanghai, China

2005: Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2004: “Half Moon”, Andres International Art Center Shanghai, Shanghai, China
2000: "The Backup for New Art: the Post 70s Artists'" Exhibition, Beijing, China